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Plano Convex Lens

Plano convex lens

Shanghai Optics is one of the biggest designers and assemblers of lenses and optical facilities in the world. The company boasts of serving millions of customers in this market for over 54 years. It has been able to achieve a high rating and reputation globally because of the quality of products that are produced from time to time. When a customer is looking for certain types of lens, the team is ready to assist. The customers are entitled to free advice and consultation which helps in getting the best products possible. If you are in need of these products, consider making contact with our team so that the day is organized.


Plano-convex lens

Lenses are used in different areas. Many customers come to this manufacturer with different needs about the facilities that they want designed to suit their specific interest. The Plano convex lens are among the top demanded products. They are designed using high-quality glass that is used in designing other products. The process is done carefully from the design, prototyping up to the final stage of manufacturing. Inspection is done at every stage by top experts to ensure that everything is in the right condition and shape. If there is a problem in the product, the engineers initiate the methods of correcting the damage.


Use of modern technology in production

The DFM method is followed in the production of these products. Customers can send their orders which are feed into the system and production can start within a short time. Modern optical software has been acquired with ease the work of prototyping and also make large production possible. The systems are easy to control since the conditions are set in the machine and engineers to monitor the progress. The finest pieces are produced and fitted on the right flames which make the convex lenses very attractive.